Hi, Me and my girlfriend partied long on 13th May 2013 and then we moved into a private room to have some fun. We started some loving each other. Post that we removed our clothes and I started rubbing my penis with her clit and all the way down to her vagina. I didnt masturbated from past 4 days and not sure if I had any precum or any semen in my precum, but even if I had it would have rubbed with her clit first. Then I inserted just the Meatus (head of the penis) into the vagina and didnt completely went deep inside her (May b just 1 inch). And then I moved out of her vagina and kept rubbing the outside of her vagina. So even if I had precum it was in air contact for 2 min and then it touched her. Can she get pregnant with a precum?? Also post that I put on a condom which i put down from the wrong side so I quickly reversed it and put it on correctly and then inserted my penis about 2 inches inside still not deep enough. Can reversing the condom carry a precum?? My sperm never came in contact with her directly as my complete orgasm took place outside her vagina. SO NO SEMEN EVER GOT INTO HER. I have never seen any white fluid in my PRECUM EVER. BUT CAN PRECUM contain SEMEN which can make her PREGNANT?? Her period started last month on 29th April and she has a 28-29 day cycle, so dont know when will she ovolute...please advice...I m really scared. Can she be pregnant??