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I had a miscarriage on March 8, 3.5 weeks ago. This was my first pregnancy, no need for a d&c so the doctor gave me the go ahead to ttc again right away. For the last week I have been having some spotting, no blood, just brown, very light, usually just when I wipe. I have also had really sore breasts, nausea, constipation, been really tired... all the symptoms that I had very early with the first pregnancy. So I thought this might be implantation bleeding, but its lasting much longer than I thought IB was supposed to last. And then today there was a little red/pink in the spotting.

I'm wondering if right after a miscarriage, there might be more old blood that is just coming out now, or if this could actually be a long implantation bleed.

I have taken a pregnancy test, but got a negative... its also early to test thought I think. Now with the red/pink showing up today, I'm wondering if it isn't implantation at all, and maybe there's another reason for all those other symptoms.



I am going through the same thing right now,i would love to know what was your outcome.I have been testing positive 4 weeks after my miscarriage and really nervous to know what is going on.I feel the doctors aren't of any help as if going through this isnt enough...Any help would be much appreciated.