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I have no clue what to do my friends are telling me to keep it and at the beginning I been thinking to keep it to but the only thing that's holding me back is my boyfriend he said he don't want kids anytime know but hes know presuring me to get an abortion and I'm stressed out and I been dizzy however I have no clue what to do :( but also I love my boyfriend <3 and he knows I'm pregnant


Hi Jos,

This is a very personal issue and one that you should not allowed yourself to be pressured into by either party. You have to take time to decide what is right for you. Abortion is very permanent- no going back after it's done. Have you considered adoption? You can choose how open or closed (how often you see the baby/hear from the parents/receive pictures) you want it- from full contact to no contact. 

If your boyfriend doesn't want children but you don't want an abortion, this might be a good option for you. Do you have anyone you can talk to impartially about this? A school counselor? A pastor or other religious leader?