About 3 weeks ago me and my boyfriend were having sex and we were using new condoms. Nothing has ever gone wrong with the condoms we use and everything seemed fine. But while we were having sex he said "where's the condom? i think it slipped off" he had not came yet but i looked down and saw the condom in between my butt cheeks...like it had fallen off. so i definitely think he was inside of me without a condom. but we quickly got another one and he finished in that one. i know there was probably a lot of pre cum on his penis when it was in me. but i've read that there's only sperm if he's recently ejaculated..which he hadn't. and even if he had, i know that urination can flush the sperm out too. which i knew he had peed before at least once. sooo i felt okay with that. and last week i was getting normal period back aches and discharge. 

but then yesterday, i felt nauseas. oh yeah and i forgot to mention i broke up with him the day before yesterday. i've been really sad and stressed out about it. so that's what i thought it might be, just a stress stomach ache, that's what my mom tells me it is. and she doesnt know about this "pregnancy scare". but then i went to a concert last night and he was there. we ended up talking but at the moment i hugged him, i felt like throwing up. i did and he helped me through it but i was freaking out. we're still on speaking terms and we're hoping to get back together later but that's not really the point. 

the point is, i know i'm supposed to get my period in about a week. the fact that it seemed like seeing him triggered it, lessens my thoughts but i'm still really scared. i know that the week before a period is missed is when you get early pregnancy signs. and now today (the next day after throwing up) i still feel weird. i have been eating inconsistently, and i think it's because of the break up. i'm very hurt by it. but could it be pregnancy? considering the only time i can remember something bad happened during sex is that he may have gotten precum in me, is that anything to even be worried about?

all my friends say not to worry but i am. it freaks me out. i'm 16 so i have no plans for this at all. the good thing is though that if i don't get my period next week and for some reason it's late, i actually have a gynocologist appt. the week after. i'm just scared and worried. please help me.