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Is it possible to get pregnant from precum? My friend and I tried to have sex the other night. We tried to put in his penis but gave up after how many tries (it never went in). We're scared because he might have pre-ejaculated on the outside of my vagina. And now we're planning to get Morning after Pills (Nordette). He didn't ejaculate inside me. The last time he ejaculated was a week ago, and obviously he peed a ton of times already. And I just had my period when we tried to do it. Is it possible that I'll get pregnant?


It's highly unlikely. You were probably not fertile at the time if your cycle is about the typical 28 days and your period started less than a week ago.

Pre-cum can contain sperm, and there is always a possibilty or pregnancy whenever you have sex. But that is very unlikely from what your situation appears to be.

Why did you not use contraception?