I had a surgical abortion on 5th of feb, I had sex with my partner on the 10th and 11th using condoms...we then had sex again every night until the 20th without using condoms...I was still bleeding only a little during this time, from the 18th to the 20th I had stopped bleeding and still continue to not bleed, I know it is normal to stop bleeding after 14days of an abortion but recently I've been feeling very similar to how I felt when I was pregnant before...I'm starting to wee more and the tiredness I'm feeling is just like it was when I was pregnant... I've been feeling slightly sick, also I've become more hungry than normal which again is something I had before...Is it possible I could be pregnant again? My symptoms of pregnancy tend to come very early but its been almost 2 weeks since having sex without a condom and usually the symptoms start to show at that time...varies in woman.
I have a doctors appointment tomorrow for a check up...but the test could well show up I'm still pregnant but thats normal...but it could also be because I am generally pregnant...but still might be too early to tell if I am...the only thing I can go from is the symptoms...Could I be pregnant?
Can anyone help me out a bit?
thanks x