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? Pregnant women feeling sick from their houses ?

I know this sounds strange, but I have come across a number of pregnant women who claim they feel sick when they're in their homes. At first I thought they were going pregnancy mad, but I'm hearing stories like this more and more.

They claim when they're at home, they feel sick. But if they stay a night away, they feel fine. In one case, a pregnant woman was sick for 2 weeks, and stayed a night at her parents house and felt perfectly fine when she awoke in the morning. Once she returned to her house, she felt sick. ANOTHER WOMAN IS FORCING HER HUSBAND TO SELL THEIR HOUSE AND BUY ANOTHER HOUSE!!!

I'm guessing this is psychological....but maybe you can help. I'm really interested in finding out.


A lot of new houses may still have vapors from construction materials that can cause feelings of sickness.