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hey guyz. lately i've been reading about premature ejaculation because i have problems with it.. i'm a weed smoker (every day) and i've read that weed could have long-term causes :

a) not reaching climax when having sex or reaching it in half an hour or hour

b) premature ejaculation

I've been smoking for 5 years and there is something that makes me think and ask 2012 i smoked weed also every day and had rare sex. i had PE in that rare situations. in february, march 2013. i had a relationship with one girl and had a great sex because i quit smoking for a long period (2 or 3 months) with rare smoking (1 or 2 times in month - i'm not 100% sure). i was able to last sometimes 20, sometimes 30 minutes and how the time went by i was, again, more and more addicted with weed.. i was with her 3 months and had regular sex. in june 2013 i think that i already was a regular weed smoker and my sex lasting was dropping.. now it is the same like in june 2013, i can't last longer than 3,4 minutes (or even less). to add, i kinda broke up with that girl (around july or june) but we didn't quit having sex, although it wasn't that regular like in relationships.. everytime when i was meeting her, i knew that it will only be sex and of course then i was a weed smoker and was very hard everytime i've seen her and i was crazy cause in my mind was only sex sex sex. i couldn't last long like i can't now

the problem didn't go away and i'm smoking a lot. knowing that i could come early, it makes me a bit anxious (also a problem with PE) when i'm going to have sex. i'm lucky that this new girl understands me and soon when we'll have more time to have sex and exercise, i hope that we'll sort that problem. 

so my question is : is it the weed's chemicals that cause me to prematurely ejaculate (physically) or is it something with weed that is making me anxious (psychologically) ? should i quit smoking, decrease it (if it is physically) or i just need to control myself better when i'm high and i'm high all the time.. something tells me that is physically and not psychologically but i need your opinions, thanks !!


i almost forgot that then when i was able to last long, i had an regular daily exercise, maybe that also helps..