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hi, iam 28, lat night i had done it. i am sure i did not cum "inside" of my gf. that was very quick ejaculation. i am not sure about my precum will preagnant my gf. if i had quick ejaculation is that any chance of some cum ejaculate inside which i could'nt feel it? quick ejaculatio eble to preagnent?


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hey shambo,

first off i encurage you to readd some others who have asked this same wquestion but i t will answer your questino if you can give me some more info 


first before you had sex when was the last time you ejaculated? did you urinate between the time you ejaculated and you had sex? also  after you ejaculated did you clean your penis off and are you circumcised? all of these questions play a roll as to your chances of causing pregnancy from pre cum