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I am 19 years old and I recently found out that I need to have my foreskin pulled back completely. I have been trying to do this a lot lately but every time I try it while my penis is erect it does not happen and hurts a lot as well. On the other hand while its not erect I am able to pull it down but only below my glans. I recently had sex and I felt like not having the foreskin pulled back completely I came early. I master bate on a daily basis. Could you please help me with this. How should I have my foreskin pulled back completely ? 


Hi Guest,

Keep stretching your foreskin.  You can pull down on the shaft skin so the head stretches the foreskin OR you can use your fingers.  The more often you do it the faster the results.

Yes, it should be able to go back, easily.  Unfortunately, lots of guys don't know this.  You have some catching up to do, usually you'll outgrow this by about 16 or so.

Good luck.