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hi everyone

ive got a quick question. i am 14 years of age and have recently started
rectracting my foreskin over my flans.

heres a quick q(s)

1. my flans is blue(ish) and sore. will this go eventually.

2.i find it uncomfortable to retract my foreskin when i have an erection

3. how long on average will it take until i can easyily retract my foreskin with and without an erection.

thanks for your help


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Hi there! In my personal opinion, you should be doing this on your own especially because the Glans is not comfortable with it. IT should be sore and it should bruise when trying to retract your foreskin.

There is a special way it is done and it goes much smoother if you use some kind of water-based lubricant or if you do it under the shower. The foreskin should be just retracted but the opening (of the foreskin) needs to be dilated first in order to retract. When it starts hurting, you are about to stop and do it only until it starts hurting.

It may take quite some time to manage the foreskin and you may have to do it every day. It is important that you do it properly. This is why I would suggest you talked to your parents-you shouldn’t be ashamed-it is perfectly normal and many guys go through it.

You need to see a doctor, so that he would show you how to do it and he may even prescribe a crème to make it easier for you. Be smart and see a doctor about it.

Bruising and soreness is not the good way!