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Hi All

I have now not smoked for 3 days after having the heaviest of addiction, basically i was smoking a quart of strong hydro every 3 days. Not to metnion being a tobacco smokers for nearly 20 years which i used to mix with my weed.

Then on the weekend something tragic has forced me to stop smoking all together.

I am suffering from the same symptoms mentioned in this thread but i have tried a few times to quit and lasted 3 weeks. But i don't remember it being this hard and painful. I am suffering from a lot of cold sweat, my muscles are sore and i am on edge most times to the point of shaking. I feel toxic and i don't feel focused at all and very light headed. Would this be a combination of nicotine and marijuana? Is my body craving both and therefore making my healing process very painful?

I just wish i had never smoked in my life and i am envious of those who have never tried it.



Hi their,I have to quit smoking weed,becouse when I don' have I have with draws and it is I can think about it. It is affecting my job and the relationship with my family.