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I am writing this to describe my experience kicking suboxone. First thing I want to say is : its possible, doable, necessary and something you must do. Suboxone causes hepatitis and serious liver damage after taking it for a long time.

Just a brief history; oxycodone/oxycontin for about 1.5 years (daily) and then suboxone (started with 8mg a year ago, weened to 2 mg for last 3 months). Just jumped off the 2mg seven days ago. Withdrawals were bad, not going to lie, but worst of it is over. Days 3-5 being the worst especially at night. Still feel under the weather, but I know the worst is behind me. you must ENDURE the pain, there is no shortcut. If anyone wants more info on it, please write.

Take a week off of school, work, whatever it is, and get your life back. Do not listen to people who tell you it is too hard!!!


If you want to change your life and others, as I did my life, Go to Dr F R Klenner at
and see his 28 papers. example. He cured just about every virus he treated over 40 years
including 60 out of 60 polio cases with out drugs.

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