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Ten days ago I was diagnosed with a Bartholin Abscess. A Word Catheter was inserted for four days, and I was placed on antibiotics for one week, a generic form of Bactrim. After 5 days, I started experiencing cold symptoms, but only for two days, then I was fine.Yesterday I awoke with back ache, which hasn't gone away, swollen glands in my neck, and a swollen lymph node behind one ear. Today I have discovered a mild rash on my chest and neck. Can any of this be related, or have I just picked up another bug?

Thanks for your help.


I have almost the same exact issue...I was prescribed a generic for Bactrim DS also but for a urinary tract infection, I was almost done with the prescription when all of a sudden, a couple of days ago, I found a small bump behind my left ear and by the next day, I have very swollen glands in my neck and a slight rashy looking appearance on my neck and chest???

Is it an allergic reaction to the medicine?