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This is an embarrassing problem.

At my pap test last year (June 2006), I learned that I had chlamydia. I was given Zithromax and told my boyfriend about it. He too, went to the doctor, but was given some weird combo of drugs, and was told he'd be "fine" within a couple of days. My doctor told me 5 days. Since we felt fine after a couple of days, we went with the advice of my bf's doctor.

Fast forward to this year. Got my pap last week, and guess what? I tested positive for chlamydia! My bf and I have been monogamous. Is it possible that we didn't wait long enough the first time before resuming intercourse and that we've been passing the infection back and forth? I've talked with bf and he claims he's only been intimate with me. I hated asking that question, but I had to.

Has this happened to any of you? How else can chlamydia come about? Can it live on sex toys, even though you clean them? Can it be contracted from anal sex? We've gone from vaginal sex to anal, but never the reverse. Maybe these are silly questions, but I am curious to know.



this has fully happened to me.

I was infected a logical way in April, then cured, tested of cure.
Then I had symptoms for what I thought was a UTI in August and tested positive after the UTI medicine did not work. Anyway, my BF tested negative.. We are fully monogamous (or at least I can say with 100% certainty that I am). He swears on everything he did not give it to me. and then the test was negative.

Just very confusing. I have read a bunch of forums with this same story. Did you ever find an answer? Doctors are quick to say its only sex transmissible so someone is being unfaithful, even if so, my bf would hopefully tell me on the basis of scientific integrity. Really worried and interested