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I know this may see kind of odd, but I am seeking the opinions of others.

And I know no one can make these desicions but me but I need advise.

I recently got divorced from my husband of almost 6 years. Since the time we divorced I have recently gotten engaged.

Before worring about getting pregnant was never in the picture. I completely stop ovulating and having periods at age 18. So we never worried about me getting pregnant.

And when me and my ex talked aobut it we were not actively trying. I just took tons of different meds to cause ovulation.

Well randomly in the last 3 months I started ovulating and having periods again. Even though we want children one day, it's not something that fits into the picture right not entirely. Not that we wouldn't be happy if I did get pregnant, it would just be bad timing.

But with all my troubles before I'm slightly scared to start taking birth control and then end up messing up my ovulation cycle again.

What would you advise in this situation be? What types of Birth control would be the best to try not to mess up a already confused cycle?


Birth control pills do not 'mess up' your body, they simply put your ovaries to sleep.

BC pills are the easiest BC method to reverse, so are IUD'S.

IUD'S are wonderful! They are NON hormonal, and they do not stop ovulation, so you can keep track of your cycles.