Hi!! My name is Sameer Sharma, Im a professional Singer. I had this problem since 1 year, Mucus suddenly started falling back into my throat, i have been to many doctors but no result found till & after 6 months my throat started paining very severely & because my severe throat pain my ears pains & then headache. I'm fed up now going to doctors. Now i'm helpless, not getting what to do? None medicine had worked not even a percent relief. As doctors said i did X-ray, Endoscopy, Ct-pns scan, doctor said every thing is normal you have no problem, doctor advised me to do some physical exercise, i had been doing exercise from 3 months but even though no improvement not even a percent. Im really not getting what to do im dying with the pain, my future my every thing depend on my throat. Please help me, advise me a good doctor. :'(