Hello, all--

Would appreciate any input on following:

About a year ago, a family member (male, age 69) had extensive surgeries involving pancreatic cancer, including removal of most of his pancreas, removal of gall bladder, and lots of other procedures... He has subsequently developed diabetes (now takes daily insulin shots) and has had a series of chemotherapy and may need additional chemotherapy. His pancreas still has a tumor, believed benign.

He has lost a significant amount of weight and is now down to around 110-120 pounds. (He's about six feet tall.)

He can't seem to keep any weight on, no matter how much he eats. He says he has lost sense of taste for anything except sweets. He is too weak to do much of anything and tired of sitting around watching TV all day. He feels distressed that he is unable to work.

Would appreciate any ideas that would help him to gain weight and muscle mass, as well as ideas of things he could do to enjoy his days more, given his fatigue and general state.

One person recommended that he might be able to do some very light exercise, even if it's a stationery bicycle, and claims doing so will create endorphins that will boost his appetite. This person also recommended "power bars" like Promax.

Would appreciate insight as to whether these would be sound & safe things to try, as well as any other advice anyone might offer.

Also, if any medical experts are in audience, can you explain what is happening to cause all the weight loss?

Thanks in advance for any ideas!