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When I was first going for plastic surgery, I really honestly didn't have a good resource to look at the chances of success and failure because there's just too much marketing stuff! You guys know how overwhelming that can be.

We want to hear your story, good or bad. As a tool to help people on the fence, we are compiling and sharing an awesome resource for free that helps anyone considering plastic surgery to make an informed decision. If your plastic surgery was a success or failure and you want to help out a fellow strange online, share your story in our book. Obviously, there are privacy concerns so you don't have to give any more information than you're comfortable sharing. Your first name is all we'll use and the rest will be done purely anonymously. It's just to help out anyone who wants honest information.

I know that people will love this because it's going to help out a lot of people so thanks in advance for sharing your story!

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Dr Andrew Jacono botched my face! He is the worst plastic surgeon out there!! Stay away!