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I have been suffering from sore throat and sinus infections since September last. In January, I got an Xray done of Para Nasal Sinus. There is a growth in left maxillary sinus which the doctor has diagnosed as polyp.
Now, I am feeling much better with few symptoms. Should I go in for surgery or is it all right to let the polyp remain as it is?
I mean, is there any risk in letting the polyp remain in the sinus?



I presume that you have been talking to your doctor and that he has informed you if it doesn’t hurt don’t cut it. Well, sometimes it is better to leave nasal polyps untouched because even if you do the surgery they tend to come back. And if they grow too large they will make pressure on your sinuses and you will experience problems with breathing and sometimes even cough up a blood stained mucus.

 If they become tender, swollen and painful than you should consult your ENT doctor about the procedure and until than try to avoid all the things you shouldn’t be doing. And try to increase your immune system because you will be dealing with symptoms of sinusitis easier.