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Several weeks ago I began using a humidifier. I checked the filters and they were very moldy. I washed them and put them back in the humidifier. In hindsight, I should have replaced them. My wife, son and I all have sinus problems that that have lasted over three weeks including headaches, congestion in sinus areas and other flu-like symptoms including some vomiting, chills and coughing. We have all been on a regiment of antibiotics but the effects linger. I highly suspect mold is settled in our sinuses. How can these symptoms be treated.


I bought a good ultrasonic humidifier and cleaned it as per directions. But the tube where the mist came out had a slimy feel, sign of mold, something they forgot to tell you to clean and parts that were hard to reach. I developed chronic sinusitis which went into ear infections...many top 100 doctors later, with antibiotics, one doc suggesting drastic surgery, another plain old sinus surgery, had a hole put in one ear, many tests..I discovered on my own it was the humidifier. A 2009 study stated that 97% of sinusitis is fungal...something well-known ENT doctors do not believe or have not heard of the study. So much for going to good doctors.

I cured myself by using the Sinupulse machine to pulse in my nose the specialized salt in purified lukewarm water, twice a day, although Saltair spray or netipot may also work, this is a good unit. I also used some Flonase nasal spray to dry it up. I stopped using the humidifier and haven't had sinus problems since.