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Hello anyone who can help me,

This happens to me everytime. My foreskin is okay coming back over the head, however my freanulum seems to be a bit tight (not so much now that i have had sex a few times, I've only recently had my first time).
My problem is that every time i have unprotected sex with my girlfriend, I get some sort of swelling under my glands, either side of my freanulum like two baloons...It doesn't hurt and when i force my foreskin back over the head it seems to go down within about 10 minutes or so. ?

When i first had this problem happen I left the foreskin back and it had developed into paraphimosis over night. The doctor sorted it out but did not give me any other information (or I wasn't paying attention...) all i remember is that my foreskin needs to come back over the head. I've had sex quite a few times now and it happens every single time we do it, I just simply pull the foreskin back over (which can be a pain in the ass sometimes !).

I just wanted to know how common this is, and if it's anything I should be worried about...Also what could be the cause of this and how do i prevent it? I suspect a mild allergy, but I don't think so! Would wearing a condom help? :-|

Thanks to anyone who replies.


It does sound as if your frenulum may be tight. The swelling is probably as a result of the irritation from the tension on the frenulum.

Check with a urologist, this is their area of expertise. They can examine you and tell you what needs to be done. There is a procedure called a "frenulectomy" that can help loosen a tight frenulum. It's quick and done in the office under local anesthesia.

Hope it helps.


Thank you for a quick reply.

Your post was very helpful; I will check with a urologist. Now that you mention it I do feel the irritation, it's sort of slightly itchy and stings a tiny bit while having sex, perhaps my frenulum will loosen on it's own accord? However, I am more than happy going through any procedure which is quick and simple.

Once again, thanks for the reply.