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Last week i had unprotected oral sex with a chick who Insists she is clean. I have since developed a small rash on the head of my penis, no discharge, smell, burning when urinating just concerns me. As this is sunday im not able to get to the clinic to get it checked. I am VERY Concerned about this. Most of the posts i have read say fungal, like Yeast. Any Ideas?


sooner you get checked the better, could be something she has and didnt tell you, you have to tell her both you get checked, not what people on here think it is, they are trying to help but get checked now, you cant afford not to, unprotected sex, you no better than that, cmon, think with the big head you are young ,peer pressure ,desire, that need for sexual healing just cost you to be worried sick, you are thinking its worse than you admitt, your thinking aids, herpes or std, i no this , next time were a head gasket, remember you just slept with everyone she did her the same, want me to sugar coat this, no can do, next time youll protect yourself, good luck, not trying to be crass just want you both be safe, never go by im clean, ,look if she was or you would you be worried sick, maybe its nothing to worry about, was it worth the anxiety the fear of the unknown,wish you both well,