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Help! I'm at my wits end. I keep getting this squishy sound at the base of my skull. It feels like inflammation between the upper spine and my skull. Sometimes it radiates up into the back of my head.
I'm in constant neck and throat pain. Then sometimes my upper spine feels dry and makes a snap feeling. Almost like something is losing fluid then refilling.

This all started with a virus 4 years ago that lead to severe thyroiditis. NO treastment was given and now I feel permanently damaged somehow. I kept feeling a "bulge" in the back of my throat and back of my neck but no one could see anything. The right thyroid was removed in 2006 but it didn't stop the upper neck inflammation feeling.
I've add all the blood tests, CT scan and MRI and they can't find anything. I haven't seen a Neurologist yet but my PCD doesn't think it'll help and won't refer me. He says it's autoimmune "no test, no cure". I can't accept that. I'm convinced they are overlooking something important.

Anyone else with this? Who do I need to see?


I have all the same symptoms and have been told I have spondylosis, I didn't find out until after I had slipped all the dics in my neck through heavy work, I also have scoliosis, diffuse kyphosis and arthritis in every disc in my spine so the squishy feeling and snapping is going on all the time.