Staph haemolyticus was found in my urine and smear (10³/ml, moderate growth). 2-3 leukos per f/v. This is after I had an infection in 1/2015 that was treated with doxy/cipro (in January, 1 week each), then Vecef and Tiberal (Ornidazole, in March, both for one week at the same time). Right after the last treatment I developed neurological symptoms (anxiety, heavy insomnia that lasted for 2 months, and tingling and burning sensations in extremities). Symptoms got much better, though have not yet fully cleared up (neurological tests came up clear). In April I was first diagnosed with staph haemolyticus during a post-treatment check-up (little quantity, no symptoms). I was prescribed infectorimet (trimethoprim) for a week. Last week, I felt tingling at the top of my penis, went back to the urologist (the fourth in three countries, unfortunatey I'm travelling a lot for work) with the urine and smear (10³/ml, moderate growth). 2-3 leukos per f/v. Doc prescribed me moxifloxacin for 10 days (MIC 0.25) but I'm scared to take fluroquinole due to their reputation for possible side effects on the nervous system. Are the staph at 10³/ml, moderate growth, 2-3 leukos per f/v the likely perpetrators? They seem not per se pathogenic. One doc said that the amount is insignificant and no treatment is indicated but I still experience burning/itching sensations on tip of penis come and go, dribbling after urination, discomfort in perineum. I hope the prostate is not involved --> fluid was tested once and nothing suspicious. Has anyone experienced similar symptoms and found a solution (in particular with these bacteria)? Any opinion will be much appreciated. Alex