Hello, I have been under doctor's care for about 35 days and have taken oral antibiotics for 30 of those days, have received injections of antibiotics, and IV antibiotics. I believe I was bit by a brown recluse spider or have MRSA, the antibiotic resistent staph infection. I have a wound, the initial one almost healed but still draining on my left shin, I developed a second infection site about 15 days after the first on my thigh (still draining), and then about 30 days after this, a third on my head, on my temple. The third is not a deep infection and have been putting a topical antibiotic on the last one and in both nostrils twice daily since yesterday. A couple of minutes, I noticed a moment ago my tounge is yellow across the entire body of it with a darker green center. I used Listerine mouth wash twice, it burned but made little difference. I decided to try brushing it with my tooth brush to see if I could get this discoloration off, it extends down my throat as best as I can tell. I cleaned the area and it now appears to be returning to that yellow color, slowly. Do I need to go the emergency room? Can I wait until morning to seek medical attention? Is this a side effect of the staph infection / candia? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for your time and attention as I am worried. Na Maste.