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The problem w/ the product was that my husband was one type and I another, so it was difficult to eat the same foods.  Plus, I work nights, so it was even more difficult to eat the way the product was intended.

We originally were told the product would be shipped to us in 3 - 5 days.  We didn't receive the product for almost 30 days, after calling and reporting the wrong mailing address.  We tried the product, w/ no success, then contacted the company for a full refund, and they denied it to us.  Wouldn't even let us speak to a customer representative.  They are scammers.  They don't have good customer service, esp. if the customer is always right.  Don't waste your time or money.


Hello, yeah i get how you feel. Most of those stuff, like diet pills , teas and other, are untested and unproven. Especially when you buy them of some newly made company who's only interest is to sell it to you by any cost. As for those dietary supplements i would not recommend you wasting money on it. I mean, they are not good for you and here is why. First of all, like i said, most of the stuff that makes you lose weight is untested and unproven, so its your risk when you take them. Second of all, those pills do block your fat cells but by doing so they also block vitamins and minerals that are essential to your overall health and disease prevention. Third of all, you build tolerance against them in 3 months. 

Meaning that if you take them for 3 months and you actually do lose some weight, after 3 months you will start gaining your weight back because the pills will have no more effect on your body. Best way to lose weight is to engage into physical activity. Dont change your diet (but cut on junk food) and exercise daily. Hope this helps