Ive had since 9th grade and it had been affecting me really badly since then I had:
- Panic attacks esp. when going to quiet places ( school, meetings etc..)
- Depression
- claustrophobia, social phobia, atelophobia, atyshiphobia
- parcopresis when constipated
- real bad constipation and then diarrhea when anticipating or stressed,
-nervousness, hysteria,
- painful scanty periods,
- paleness-anemia,
- reynaud disease( more like my hands and feet are cold and when i put then under water they get really red ),
- slow peristalsis,
- low count of white cells meaning lower immunity ,
- Ive been said by my naturopath i have parasites that are really hard to get out , ive been staying on special diet for about 5 months. - ADD, bad memory, inability to concentrate
- chronic fatigue syndrome,
- difficulty breathing,
- Keritosis pilaris
- acne , pimples
- psoriasis on my scalp w dandruff and itchiness.
- migraines once every two weeks
- extreme blushing when im embarrassed.
- visual disturbances

The doctors I went do dont take me seriously , they give me stuff that dont work and ive been having problems with IBS which is partly also psychological in my case for 5 years now. :-(. It sucks when no one understands you -not even you because I cant pinpoint what kind of foods cause this.... I'm trying out hypnotherapy in a few months , i hope it will help a bit.
Ok , so i would like to know anyone else with IBS( specifically those with tummy noises that it has affected their lives ) do you have any of those symptoms that i listed above, or maybe some other...