hi ladies n gentlemen i have a problem i have a girl that is 32 n im 27. we knew for a while for like 3 yrs just friends we stop talking because i was in a relationship with my ex so yrs went by we speak we date now we together she has male friend i have female friend . i dont trust male friends never had never will . I know if you are in a relationship you have to have trust n commitment thats the key .but now i have problem trust her she said she date the guys thats her male friend i think one of them she had sex with but still cool with him and i me him he cool but im not beet. im so crazy jealous but hold back all i talking about like 70% of what i hold back maybe 100% but dont know what to do . know we had a arguement she has not give me love like woman should very stunburn and selfish some times but i love her i meet her like this her family very nice . the other problem when we get into a argue im always spend money to make her happy im trying to stop but need help sometimes i mean everytime i think im not the guy she want im too young im not in her level i just need advice stress has took over my body very depress about my life now fuk job love my girl but dont know when she stop being stuburn kick out my house live with my big sis i need a apt to start out and try to save need help as fast as possible thank