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I am in powerlifting so i know alot about muscles and the way they work and the importance of stretching. But the thing im confused about is i see so many articles on stretching and some say dont stretch some say just warm up, some say thats the best thing, and then some say do it afterwards...what is the best way or the way that you would recommend it? i personally think that stretching before would be more beneficial so you can go lower and be looser and more prepared to lift...but i have seen so many articles now im confused? Please tell me your opinion*


Both warming up with some walking/jogging and stretching are beneficial when you're are about to start weight lifting.

I like to warm up first and then stretch out the muscles.

Stretching something warm is easier than something that is cold.

Think about a rubber band. Stretching a cold one could make it snap easily. But a warm rubber band will stretch further and much easier without breaking.