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I have been using oxycodone for almost 3 years. About 6 months ago i began to use 30s and suboxone basically alternating days where i would use sub if i didnt have a pill. Now i have been clean off 30s for 2 weeks and off sub for 3 days but i still feel the same withdrawl from everytime time ive been sick through this sh*t. Is it still from the pills or the sub? Im functioning but i need to feel comfortable enough to do anything and i need to start getting things done. Any suggestions?


this is from the subs. sub sickness is worse than roxys. it lasts alot longer and is worse on chills and hot flashes. your gonna be sick for a while if this is the way you go. my suggestion would be frowned upon by the addict community, but speaking in medical terms, it would be easier to get off oxys than subs. this means, i suggest you stop taking the subs, get back on the oxys for about 2 weeks (op's if you can :extended release), then go cold turkey. if I were you,  id take 1-2 weeks of oxy withdrawl over several weeks/maybe months of suboxone withdrawl. just be careful of copping the old mindstate of not wanting to get off this stuff while your on the op's/oc's.