I have been on Suboxone for about 3 months and as soon as I found out i was pregnant they switched me to Subutex. Most of the postings that i have seen these women only are on a low dose (or to me is a low dose) like 4 or 6 and i am currently taking 16 mgs. The difference in dosage makes me wonder? I did take suboxone up until i found out although i am not positive i am sure i was about 6 weeks along. I am really worried about the hospital stay after the birth, My qualms are how am I going to subject a helpless child to the withdrawl of any kinda drugs although i know that not taking the buepinepherine could cause me to become opiate dependant once again, but is it safe at such a high dose? I am scared can someone give me any kinda insight i am totally worried about this. My son is now 11 and I was safe and healthy with him so. Is it possible to quit all the medications now and still be safe?