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My mom, 83 yr. old fell and hit her head 3.5 weeks ago. CT scan done same day as fall followed by surgery to remove hematoma and stop bleed. She has been extremely fatigued since this occurred. Anyone know if this is normal? She sleeps most of the day and night. Her speech was slow for about 2 weeks but has improved tremendously. She has some headaches, but mostly caused by arthritis in her neck. Doctor does not seem concerned, but we are. Everything else with her seems back to normal except this fatigue. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!



I'm glad your mom had this checked the same day or the outlook would not have been nearly as good. Unfortunately any trauma to the brain takes a long time for it to heal. It is not uncommon for the patient to be sleepy as they recover. Any surgery, even on a much younger person, takes a lot out of you. What meds do they have her on? They may also make her tired.

As long as her vitals are stable and the headaches are under control I'd agree with the doctors. If you notice any changes in personality or anything that seems different about her however, let them know.

Please keep us posted and good luck to your mom in her recovery.