Hello everyone! I'm 15 years old male, hypochondriac and recently I've been feeling terrible. I noticed swollen lymph nodes in my groin, neck (which kinda disappeared), under jaw and under my armpit. I've been having them for quite a lot of time (something like 3 years) and they're hard, movable, <1.5 cm in the groin, probably not growing (I'm not sure, because I had a few growth spurts during this time and it's normal for them to grow a little bit respectively with my body). They don't cause me any pain and since I found them I really haven't paid much attention to them until now. I freaked out after I heard what it might be and I immediately went to my GP. She checked them in the groin, asked me if they were on both sides, I answered yes and she told me that this was completely normal for a teenager and said that it couldn't be a cancer if the lymph nodes were staying there for such a long time. To be sure, I had a full blood and urine scans and everything came back perfectly fine. There's no history of lymphoma in my family and yep... The anxiety is lower now, but it's still there... I don't know what to do, maybe a biopsy? Or should I calm about these stupid nodes and continue my life as it was before? Please answer fast!

P.S. I have no other symptoms, I'm healthly and fit and sometimes the nodes enlarge a little bit during a cold and viral infections (I think that's normal).