About 2 weeks ago, I noticed a hard lump that was mobile and quite a bit of swelling along my right jaw. Doc prescribed antibiotics and Naproxan about a week ago saying i had swollen lymph nodes. I immediately saw an improvement in the swelling and the lump. Since then I have noticed that when i bend over or lay on my right side there is a small amount of swelling. As soon as I stand up, the swelling subsides. I must add that I do have teeth problems. I first thought maybe an inpacted wisdom tooth but I thought you get pain with that and the only pain i feel is if i press in this area against my tooth. I woke 2 nights ago to a pea sized hard lump in the same area. I pushed it and it seemed like it popped. No more hard lump. There was no fluid that leaked into my mouth.
Could this be a sweat gland?
tooth abscess???
impacted wisdom tooth???

please reply
I really appreciate it