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Hi I'm 13 yrs old and what sucks is that I have upper lip hair. o.O  It is so annoying and my mom says if I shave or wax it it'll be thicker and darker. I'm planning on getting rid of it when I grow older to get it done by a laser to permanently get rid of it. But I really want to get rid of it now because people bully me about it and it makes me wanna cry my heart out. I'm an absolutely normal girl besides that. I also have pimples and acne...which makes me look worse. I don't know what to do, please give me some good advice and thank you so much for your time! <3


Wax, it doesn't grow back thicker. its simply a new hair, where as shaving will create a blunt end which feels harsh or thicker. Ive been waxing for 15 years and other than laser thats your best option