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Ive suffered from tonsillitis at least 5 times since october 2006, aswell as throat infections. (doctors refuse to remove tonsils due to school...currently attempting as levels =])
Therefore i am pretty aware of what tonsillitis usually feels like.

At the moment, i have the pain on the left side of my throat, difficulty swallowing, headaches, slight pain under jaw line (as if bruised), swollen glands in neck (also a small lump behind my ear i have not noticed before, however i'm not sure if it is connected) - the usual i seem to get. however i cannot see the usual white patches. there is one quite large ulcer at the back of my throat, but it appears to be on the arches of my mouth rather than my tonsils.

anyone have any clue what this could be? Or is it obviously tonsillitis and i am being rather blonde ?

any help would be appreciated =].


hello my name is kanisha and i have a 4.5 cyst on my left ovary and my tonsils are swollen the dr told me that i have to get them taken out, i have had an ultrasound and i take pills everyday for the pain and, i just looked in the mirrior and saw that it looks like one side of my hip looks bigger than the other is this normal for someone that has a 4.5 cyst do anyone know?