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I have tiny flesh colored bumps under tonsils and going down throat. My throat does not hurt but is very red and looks infected. Also have red bumps that look like blisters on back of throat. I've been tested for a lot of things and all came back neg. And when I look under tonsils there's somthing that looks like a gray or greenish stain..what could this be?


Well, it seems that you have infection of the tonsils which is called tonsillitis. This is a common condition which is caused by a virus or bacteria. It can be acute, chronic and unfortunately recurrent.

Your tonsils get swollen and red and sometimes covered with little membrane of yellow or grey color so I believe this is it what you have. You will probably have to see your doctor if you wish to use antibiotics as a treatment option although you can try to get better on your own.

You can use some over the counter medications to relieve pain in the throat and you can gargle salt water. Do not swallow this solution!

Drink a lot of fluids such as chicken soup, broth and tea of course.