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can I take hcg while I am prescribed suboxone? I have been gaining and gaining weight and no matter what i do for exercise or diets nothing else seems to work. I figured what could it hurt, considering I know several people who have had great sucess while taking hcg.


The thing about using hcg as something that would actually help you lose weight is that it only works when you are also on a very strict low calorie diet. So basically, while you're injecting yourself with hcg you are supposed to eat around 500 calories per day - and you need to do this for at least 5-6 weeks. Chances are far bigger you'll end up with severe vitamin deficiency and have hardly any energy at all because normally active people need at least 3 times the amount of food you're supposed to eat while injecting hcg.

Since you say you are taking prescribed suboxone, there are more effective diet pills that would have less interactions and suboxone and actually help you to lose weight. Simply, before you pay money for hcg injections at least consider options that are both cheaper and at least effective.