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I've been losely following the Zone Diet because I thought it was a good well balanced moderation diet. But now I'm thinking I should be sure I am following the best plan.

Has anyone heard of it? What do you think? What diet/nutritional plan do you follow? Any online resources you can recommend to follow?

And before you say "just eat right" please don't. :D That irritates more than anything else that people say. There are at least 1,000,000 different definitions of "right" is. :)

I am trying to lose fat, but I'd like to adopt something that I follow forever. What is the best thing for running and weight lifting and etc?



I would talk to a sports nutritionist or two to get varying viewpoints.

As you ramp up your training you will need more of everything, carbs and proteins especially.

A sports nutritionist (A sports doc/clinic could/should be able to guide you to one) should be able to guide you where you want to go.

Good luck!


Sounds like a great idea. But them guys probably cost money. Hopefully they aren't as much as personal trainers who typically charge one first born son per workout. :D