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what does it mean when i have thick sticky sometimes clumy discharge? and sometimes it has a vague odor. little fishy but rare that it smells fishy.


It could mean two things-depending on whether you have sexual activities or not.

If you are having sex, you could have contracted an STD. Bacterial infections often cause excessive discharge but you may get other symptoms as well like burning upon urination, low abdominal stomach but some bacteria don’t cause any symptoms, which makes it hard for suspicion.

Yeast infection can occur in women who are not sexually active because it is not an STD. Yeast normally lives in vagina together with good bacteria. After a prolonged antibiotic treatment, good bacteria may be killed as well and yeast can over grow. When this happens, different symptoms may occur like bad odor, excessive discharge, redness, burning, dryness, etc. Not all symptoms are present at the same time.

However, your excessive discharge could be nothing more than a sign of ovulation. We get more discharge at ovulation but it is usually not sticky but clear and milky.

Nobody can diagnose themselves or be diagnosed just by their symptoms. The only way to know for sure and get rid of it is to see a gynecologist and have an exam.