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I'm a 19 yo female. Since I was a child I've developed calluses on my feet easily. It only got better a little and for a little while with pumice stones and later those razors for pedicures. I have had professional pedicures done where the lady says I should have come in so much earlier, even though I try to take regular care of my feet. Now the thick, dry, scaly (almost to the point of actually cracking) skin is appearing on my HANDS too. 

I know this isn't normal but I have no clue what to do now...

Do you know what this is called and what I can do about it? Please help!!!


Have you tried squalane by any chance? It helps me with my eczema. You can use it as cream or oil form and it is also present naturally in plants and animals. You can take shark oil to help your skin heal from the inside out, it helped me. Squalane is antibacterial, penetrates the skin really well, promotes cell turnover and just really makes your skin soft so I would not dismiss it before trying it though I am not saying it will definitely help you. It is natural and you can't really go wrong with trying.