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tongue hurts on left side when I talk, like it's rubbing on something but I don't see anything. I have a small mouth, so my tongue does have some "teeth indentations" from sleeping, but I've always had those. Started off with strep about 2 months ago or so. After that I felt like I had phlegm in my throat and I found myself clearing it a lot. Clear, but the feeling came right back. After I while I noticed the side of my tongue was hurting when I spit. Not bad, but like it was hitting a tooth. Looked and nothing there. So I stopped spitting so much! But it's gotten worse and I'm now checking it way too much. Throat is a little sore especially on that side, and a little red. Mostly on that side but gets better as day goes on. If I didn't have to talk I'd be ok! Any thoughts. Been using salt water rinse, baking soda rinse and B-vitamins. Checked teeth reatlly good on that side and just don't feel anything sharp and see nothing on the tongue.


Hello Yanks... I think the area you are talking of where your tongue is very sore is just irritated.  It could be because of your tongue rubbing on your teeth when there are teeth indentations present.  Since you cannot see anything there, I would have to rule out canker sores or inflamed papillae. If you drink something citric or acid, this can cause one of your papillae to become irritated and become inflamed.  Whatever the cause, it should go away in a few days, just so it doesn't keep getting irritated.

Has any of our forum readers have a sore tongue that made it difficult to talk?  What remedy did you use for it?