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My sons skin is peeling off of his hands and feet. It's not painful for him and it doesn't seem to be itching. It looks like blisters but there's no puss. Now his nails are coming off. I took him to see pediatricians but none of them knew what it was. One thought it was eczema but it was ruled out after test. I'm really worried and want to help him. Does anybody have a clue or maybe have seen this before?


My brother had skin peeling off and nails coming off, I mean nails coming off and new nails underneath. And he is totally fine now and its been several, many years. I'm thinking that your son sweats a lot or exercises a lot. If not, ill list a few causes. Sweating, allergic to something or dry weather. Eczema or hives or any of those serious ones is way over the board, I don't think its a serious issues. :) And most importantly, there's no cause of pain. Meaning, the internal layer of the skin and nerve cells are not effected. The problem should not last for long. If you want to treat it, you could buy a moisturizer, make his body more moist. Provide healthy diet rich in vitamin A, B , iron if you are currently not. Make sure he doesn't feel cold or too hot. And, watch out for exposure to sun. Massage areas where skin is peeling off. Overall, not much of a problem. I hope this helped you. 

A short note, if its been for a long time, ask your husband, ask yourself if you have experienced this before. It could be genetic. And, if you or your husband have experienced any other problems occuring at certain ages before, try preventing them from occurring to your son, genes is a huge factor of many issues.