I agree with Lynnie Kennie concerning watching what you eat.

As I grew up, I would cough up a tonsil stone "once in a blue moon" (rarely). However, in a recent 6-month time period, I coughed up tonsil stones one to three times a week, and sometimes the stones were like large clusters.

Recently, I began to think and declare that "I eat right", along with other changes, e.g. reducing meat intake (pork, beef and poultry) and eating more fruits, vegetables, etc. Since, then, I have been completely clear of tonsil stones and am glad to be free of needing to cough up those stinky stones, especially unexpectedly... like when people are around. After noticing the difference that changing my eating habits made, I also recalled that since I began working a new job shift (for the past 6 to 7 months), I was eating at fast food restaurants more (almost twice daily, breakfast and lunch....Monday through Friday) just to save time.

So now, I continue to be more selective in my food choices at the grocery stores and restaurants; and I eat at home more...having prepared ahead of time what I am going to eat. I like the concept of prevention, in whatever way necessary.

To God be all the glory!!!