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I'm 18, almost 19, and having my tonsils removed on Tuesday, and I'm just curious as to the average amount of weight lost post surgery.

I KNOW I am going to be in intense pain due to many drug allergies, so I know that food will not be an option for me for a very long time-- I am just curious as to the average amount of weight lost so that I know what steps to take in supplementing my liquid diet, I just haven't been able to find much literature concerning the actual amount of weight lost as opposed to the steps that need to be taken to prevent it (which I do not need). Thank you!


I would imagine that there would be some weight loss because you won't be as able to or willing to eat as much due to post surgical pain and other issues resulting from the surgery. However, I'm not sure that anyone can say exactly how much weight an individual will actually lose. If you are consuming calories, in any form, you can maintain weight. The loss of calories with no change in your activity level will cause you to lose weight and vice versa. Supplements should not replace actual meals, but your doctor can advise you about this. I'm sure you're not planning for a certain weight loss. Concentrate on your healing process. Get proper nourishment and you will be just fine. I hope that your recovery will be full and swift. Take care and let us know how you are doing. Others will be interested in your surgery experience and your recovery process.