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I am a 34 year old female and my tonsils came out this morning.  So far I think I match up with everything I've been reading.  The pain is bearable at the moment and I'm staying on top of the meds.  I find it difficult to sawllow, but more so out of fear of how it will feel.  Icy cold water brings fairly instant relief for now.  I will be curious to see if I go down hill like many bloggers have posted or if I'll be lucky to say this is the worst of it.  Fingers crossed for now!

I am incredibly tired  but can't sleep sitting up and they say I couldn't lay flat, but I'm not sure I caught for howl long.

All in all I am pleased and hope I can say the same tomorrow.


I definitely couldn't lay flat on my back, in fact 2 weeks post surgery and feel not right laying that way due to swollen uvula. My surgeon was great! My pain was extreme after the first day and suggested instead of waiting every 4 hours for oxycodone pain meds (10 ml), suggested 5 ml every 1.5-2 hours. It reduced the peaks and Valleys of the extreme pain. It was so much better for me!! The ear pain was definitely rough. That comes at about day 5-7. And eventually once the majority of the swelling starts to subside, the ice water will burn when you drink, when it does, you should switch it up to room temperature water, that will help! And if you can get a cool mist humidifier. It will help a lot!