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could i be pregnant if my fiance nutted in me on feb 1st and 3 days ago i was spotting and yesterday i started my period, could i be pregnant!
and if not how can i get pregnant?


if your period has just started, it is unlikely that you are pregnant.
if you want to get pregnant, try having sexual intercourse 3 times per week for a month or two. 9except when you are having your period)
if you havenot been taking birth control pills to inhibit ovulation, and he ejaculates his sperm into your vagina, then you should get pregnant after a couple of months.
after he has shot his load, its good to just lay still for a minute or two, to give the sperms a chance to find their way through the cervix.

also it has been suggested that when a woman orgasms, her cervix dips down into the sperm to aid fertilisation.
so if you can arrange to reach your climax about the same time as him, or very soon after, with him still inside you, this is your best chance to get pregnant.
but dont worry if you cant climax, it not always easy for a lady to have her orgasm to order !