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Hi I'm a single mom of 2 I've been struggling with my kids and they are teenagers now but turns out Im expecting and financially im not ready, had broken up with the father which has 2 kids of his own and cant start all over again since im almost done with mine... ive always been against abortion but in my circumstances Im desperate and cant go through it again so it is something that i'm looking into along with tubes tied to end this already but also I dont have money and desperate.



i am also a single mom for 20 years now.

i can not imagine having another child.i too feel about abortion as you do.but i would talk it over with the dad.and go from there he can pay for it.

as far as your tubes being tied if you dont have insurance you can get a form of medicaid its for birth control im pretty sure you can have your tubes tied as well they started this i think like 2 or 3 years ago. you pay taxes you are intidaled to it.

im not sure what the income limits are.and what state your in.