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At the age of 17/18 i fell pregnant and had an abortion i wasnt coping very well i had a miscarrage after that. im now almost 20 and in march of this year i had another abortion after it i had very bad cramps and hadnt had a proper period for a couple of months i went to the doctor and he said i had some retained tissue and my body will pass it and gave me antibiotics than sent me to a specialist where he also said it will pass. after i had finished the antibiotics my periods came back but i still had cramps as i did after the abortion and back pain i went back and he said i just have a blader infection. my periods have been very heavy and pain comes and goes i read that after an abortion i am more likely to have ectopic and miscarrage and i am more likely to also get breast and cervical cancer? now me and my boyfriend of almost 5 years have a house and jobs and would actually like to have a baby but im worried we cant we have been trying for a month. im worried i have ruiend my chances and everything? what could i do to make my chances of having a baby and could there be anything wrong?


The first thing that you should do is to ask yourself if you really want a child (this time) then you need to see your doctor for a complete examination. Sometimes after a women has an abortion or 4 or 2, whatever the amount, complications can arise making conception impossible. I am not saying that you won't conceive or that you have permanent damage, i am saying that you need to pay your doctor a visit to be sure. Some women have had many abortions and have no problems getting pregnant after each one. Then eventually, they decide that they want to have a baby, and they do, with no complications at all.

Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to get on some birth control until things smooth out, then try for a baby a little bit down the road. Just my opinion.